We have been making stainless-steel railings for galleries, and all kinds of stairs with great success in the last few years. Our outdoor lineup includes reliable stainless-steel products for balconies and terraces, to maximize safety.

The quality of our railings, and handles are guaranteed by more than 20 years of experience, and innovation in making stainless steel systems.

The range of our product line is very diverse, consisting of different kinds of stainless-steel railings, from the simple, yet very popular rod-type, to the special cable-type railings with wooden and glass inserts. Regardless of the inserts, the systems are always made entirely of durable stainless steel.

Rozsdamentes acél korlátTo have a quick look at our products, please visit our gallery, that showcases our railing types.

As with most of our products, we always welcome special ideas for custom orders, so if you have something different in mind, what you can not find in our catalog, or in the gallery, please feel free to contact us!

Few of our products are shown in our gallery in Monostorpályi út 9., Debrecen, HU, where we can guide you through the customization process, and help you choose the best product for you.

Szepesi Katalin
architect/interior designer

4030 Debrecen, Monostorpályi út 9.
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+36 52 413-235