Stainless steel tables

Stainless steel industrial kitchen tables and work surfaces

Our stainless work surfaces and tables are always made by hand to custom order with the highest standards. The dimensions below in the price list is a starting point to help decide the actual size of the product. These work tables are reinforced, made with high quality 1.4301 stainless steel that is food safe, medical grade and also used in the pharmaceutical industry. The tables resist rust and slightly acid resistant too, but for customer request they can be made of acid resistant 1.4404 steel.

Technical details

  • Material: 100% 1.4301 (Ko33) stainless steel
  • Legs: 40/40/2 mm hollow section, brushed surface, adjustable legs
  • Thickness: 1,5 mm, Scotchbrite surface
    • Work surface: depth: 40 mm, can be made with or without backside lip. The work surface is also reinforced from the bottom
  • Sinks: deep-drawn stainless steel industrial sink
  • Shelf thickness: 30 mm
  • Work surface height: 850 mm
  • Bottom shelf height from the ground: 130 mm

Doors and drawers can be made with a lock mechanism too.

The tables in the price list are just a starting point. Our products are made to order, therefore we any size can be ordered.

Table price list (2018)


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