Plum Jam in the Cooking Cauldron

We have tested our showroom 60 liter capacity cooking cauldron by making traditional one-ingredient Hungarian plum jam.

Made purely of 40 kgs of fresh plums, the jam does not contain preservatives additives or any additional sugar. During the cooking we were able to test the real-world application of our cooking cauldron. The cooking methods can be precisely adjusted thanks to the controllable mixing speed and the controllable heating coils.

The cross-patterns of the mixing blades help distribute the product evenly to achieve a homogenous end result. In the case of the plums the fruit’s consistency undergoes a big change, from solid to liquid, which seems difficult to handle for a mixer at first. The fruit did not start proper mixing, but because the blades can be removed, it can be solved quickly even without turning the cauldron off. One of the arms can also be removed. These processes only take a few seconds, and can be serviced by anyone with a wrench.

The cooking cauldron managed to make a homogenous product without the use of any additives. The jam had a nice texture and taste. Because of the high viscosity of the jam, we didn’t use the tap to get the product out, but simply removed the mixer to be able to scoop the product out.

The cooking cauldron can be tested personally at our site in Debrecen, Hungary. Feel free to contact us and we can organize a test drive for you with the cauldron and to discuss any modifications or custom requests. More information on the cauldron can be found here.

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