Deep-frying equipment

The FAOL 200 Continous Deep-frying Equipment is capable of making chips, and other kinds of snacks. The raw uncooked material is delivered through a vibrating table, which provides an even distribution of the food. The industrial kitchen hood makes sure, that hot gases do not spread to the air of the factory, but leave through a chimney.

The finisihed food is delivered from the hot oil via a custom made conveyor belt equipped with oars to provide continuous flow of the product. The speed of this conveyor belt can be adjusted in the control interface located conveniently on the side of the machine. The control interface is also used to set the temperature of the oil.

The machine is made to fit the needs of the customer, therefore feel free to contact us with your own ideas.

The main technical parameters of the machine:

Yield: 40-50kg/h (when potato chips is used)
Oil tank capacity: 80l
Heating method: electrical heating elements, with a maximum power output of 30 kW
Length: 3000mm
Width: 950mm
Height: 2500mm

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