Roasting equipment

Our roasting equipment named MP-100 is one of our latest creations, which is capable of roasting various oily seeds like peanuts, almond, walnuts, pistachio, sunflower seed, titch, etc.

The equipment’s heating is powered by gas, which is transferred through heat-exchangers to roast the seeds, therefore there is no contact between the product and the gas. The multiple layers of conveyor belts and jarring tables provide even roasting, heat-treating all the sides of the seeds for a constant high quality product.

The main parts of the machine are:

  • feeder elevator
  • jarring table
  • conveyor belt
  • heating stage
  • heating stage with fans
  • product output

The speed of the conveyor belt, and the temperature, and the speed of the fans can be adjusted easily, but for more specific applications, even the conveyor belts can be replaced on demand.

Technical specifications:

Output: 80-100kg/h (peeled peanuts)
Dimensions without the elevator (length | width | height): 5500 mm | 2900 mm | 2400 mm
Gas-burner type: ABG.
Stainless-steel quality: The whole machine is made of Wnr. 1. 4301 grade stainless-steel, with heat-isolating stainless-steel outer shell.

Our price includes the on-location setup of the machine, but it does not contain the price and permit of a gas chimney.

All of our machines can be customized for special request, please contact us for further questions: .

Our machine is inspected by Agrovéd Ltd. and has an EK certificate.



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